I grew up outside of Chicago Illinois in a small-ish town called Geneva.  For some reason this town has produced a few other biological anthroplogists, including Eric Sargis (Professor of Anthropology, Yale University) and Chris Gilbert (Professor, Hunter College).  Two other biological anthropologists, Petra Jelinek and Joanna Lambert, lived close by...must be something in the  drinking  water. 

I also spent about four years of my childhood here.

I studied with Paul Garber at the University of Illinois (B.A., 1992).  Then I did a Master's degree under the direction of Susan Ford at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (M.A., 1999); at Carbondale, I studied systematics, primate locomotor behavior, and primate anatomy.  From Carbondale, I went on to Yale University and worked with David Watts, Dame Alison Richard, and Margaret Riley.  At Yale, I studied primate behavioral ecology, population genetics, and molecular evolution (M.Phil., 2000; Ph.D., 2003).  After graduation, I received a National Science Foundation Fellowship in Bioinformatics to study evolutionary demography with Hal Caswell (then at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).